About Us
We are Textile Design Studio

With over 13 years in the print, graphics and fashion industry our team have a creative focused eye to aid you in your seasonal design developments.
Trend prints is a drawing design studio that aimed to find out unique point of view towards mass popular culture consumption.

We as talented, dedicated and experienced team, provide our drawing designs after working with passion on them.

We provide on opportunity to you to choose any drawing design in different forms and several printing techniques ( rotation print, screen print, digital print). We have different packages that includes color distinctions, dimensions measures, license and term of use.

As the premiere online resource for the global fashion print market, we are committed to excellence, creativity, style and innovation.

Browse our extensive and constantly updated range of colour/trend stories and unique print designs at your convenience.

Our Services

We simplify the design process & help you achieve beautiful results.


We have an extensive collection of unique and authentic print designs that are the result of international trends research that encompasses forms, colors, cultures and attitudes that shows the future needs of consumers.



In this way we create exclusive print designs according to your needs, resulting in a totally customized development. The creation in this case is made from the direction from our clients based on the references and color pallets.


Cool Hunting

We promote trend research with analysis aimed at prints, bringing new perspectives to your brand. We carry out national and international trips, aiming to provide clients, first hand, with the prevailing market trends.


Custom Packages / Partnerships

We can provide you with a personalized pricing agreement that fits your company’s needs and budget, extending your design team monthly, seasonally or annually.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you save time and money, meet tight deadlines and elevate your print program.


Custom Artwork

We bring your vision to life, creating original artwork inspired by your samples, vintage, and other references.

We work closely with you to develop artwork that meets your budget and timeline, and our team of highly skilled and experienced artists design in any style or hand, whether you need prints, graphics, or even embellishments.


Cad Services

Purchasing prints is the fun part – once you have artwork in hand, that’s when your work really begins. We’re pros at getting artwork factory-ready, and can help make the process more efficient and enjoyable for you.


Our Clients

The proof is in the customers.


If you would like to have a meeting, see our collections or work with us on your projects, please, feel free to contact us